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WordPress Development

Nothing beats WordPress when it comes to providing robust and scalable content management solutions to a website. This open source CMS platform is the top choice, when it comes to developing websites. With WordPress support, a number of web pages, articles, and blogs can be added to a website in no time.

Integraweb is the leading WordPress development company in Halifax, offering a wide range of web design and digital marketing services. Either you want to create a new WP website or want to upgrade it, Integraweb is there to support you.

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Customized & Responsive Web Design

With WordPress, you get this great option to customize your web design and also get a responsive appeal to it. By customizing, you get a design as per your choice and requirements but with a responsive design, you get to reach maximum amount of users. Most of the users access websites from their mobile only, making responsive design a must for your website.

Why Choose WordPress?

When people come to us with this question, why WordPress? We simply answer them by saying, why not WordPress? WordPress gives you everything you need in order to improve a website in terms of performance, design, security and what not.

With WordPress, you have the option to add as many plugins as you wish to as per your need. However, it is the right plugins that actually make the difference and Integraweb helps you choose the ones that will surely help your website perform better.

Hackers around the globe are always looking to attack a website which is low on security. Integraweb, with the help of WordPress, gives full proof security to your website, securing all your data. When it comes to an e-store, nothing beats us in its high tech security!

A WordPress website always ranks higher than a traditional one, since it is more SEO friendly. Our skilled team makes the best use of right keywords and implement various strategies to help your site win the race to come up the search ladder!

A boring and dull designed website will turn off the visitor's mood, making him/her close the website within seconds. With WordPress, you get a lot of options in choosing a beautiful design for your website, making it more appealing to the eyes and also being more user friendly!

Integraweb WordPress Services

Integraweb offers every WordPress service required to make your website to not only look beautiful but also help it perform better, bring in more traffic to your site, thus increasing chances of a sale!

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  • Website Maintenance
  • Online Shop Management
  • WordPress Plugins
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Content Development
  • Custom website design
  • Landing page design
  • 24/7 Support
  • E-commerce Carts
  • WordPress Themes Customization
  • PSD Conversions
  • Responsive Web Design & Development
  • And much more…

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